How to increase your website speed with Bluehost Hosting

Website performance is highly critical to success of any business. A slow performing website can affect you and your business in more than one ways:

  1. E-commerce transactions on your website are adversely affected.
  2. A slow website puts a lot of strain on server resources. Since most webmasters usually host more than one website on the same hosting account and server, one bad performing website can eat up all shared resources like memory, bandwidth and cpu time, thus adversely impacting the performance of other websites hosted on the same server.
  3. It is well known that website speed is one of the many parameters that Search Engines consider to determine rankings. Google has very clearly stated this fact several times. So, it’s pretty obvious that slow speed can actually drop your search engine rankings, thus adversely affecting your business.
  4. Everybody these days wants to have a super-fast web experience. A slow loading website is very painful and can really frustrate your visitors and drive them away.

So, you must do everything you can to optimize your website. Let’s take a look at some of the tips to improve the speed of your website.

1. Remove all pieces of unnecessary software from your website. This can include unused themes, old plugins or any gimmicky addons that are not in use currently. Such software bogs down your website in ways that we cannot see and measure. Therefore, if you are not using or can do away with certain software, its best to remove it.

2. Use images sparingly and wisely. Image files are one of the biggest strains on website performance, so its best to try and limit the number of images that you use on your website. When you do use images on your website, make sure that they are as much compressed as possible, and scaled to the exact dimensions of the space that it occupies.

3. Another wonderful way to optimize your website is to use cache. Caching is a process by which the static pages of your website are saved for visitors. So the server does not have to load these pages from the scratch as all static content is already there. The server only has to fetch the dynamic content on the website that is changed. Web caching tools are extremely helpful for database driven CMS websites such as blogs or e-commerce websites. If you own a WordPress website, it’s recommended you use web cache plugin like WP Super Cache.

4. Another important tip to speed-up your website is to use CloudFlare. CloudFlare keeps copies of portions of your website and stores them on database servers all over the world. When your website page is requested, the server that is closest to the visitor serves the request. Hence the page loads much faster. Bluehost is a web hosting company that provides its customers the ability to activate Cloud Flare on any of their websites for free. This is such an amazing feature that is not provided by other web hosts for free. Since, Blue host cares for it’s customers more than any other hosting supplier, it realizes how important it is for you to optimize your website and hence, Bluehost provides the free Cloud Flare feature for everyone’s use. Here’s a link to detailed Blue Host features – Open in a new browser window

5. Apart from all of above, the speed of the web hosting server that you use to host your website also determines the performance of your website. A slow web server will not be able to serve your website pages faster, irrespective of how optimized they are. Hence, it’s highly significant that you choose a web hosting company that provides fast and reliable servers. One such brand is Bluehost, a popular web host that earnestly focuses on website performance. Hence it not only employs fast and latest technology servers, but also provides all tips and tools to its customers that help them to keep their website optimized. If you would like to choose a reliable hosting partner, it’s best to go with Bluehost. You may check out this Bluehost Review for detailed analysis of features and services provided by Blue Host hosting.

When your website is optimized well, the server resources can be used to serve actual visitors and traffic. This is sure to guarantee more success to your business. You may also consider another web hosting company Hostgator for hosting your website. Similar to Blue Host, Host Gator provides performance oriented hosting solution. For more information on Hostgator hosting, check this out.

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